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[Lapack] A problem in "zgeqr2_".


     I'm trying to incorporate CLAPACK in our software. I downloaded 
CLAPACK3-Windows.zip and recompiled it. I'm working right now in a function 
which performs QR Factorization for a complex matrix: "zgeqr2_".
     I obtain matrix R directly from results, and calculate Q according to 
instructions. In order to verify my results, I just use Q x R = A. When I input 
only the real part, leaving the imaginary part as 0 (zero), my results are fine 
and I can obtain my original matrix A performing Q x R. But whenever I input 
the first imaginary part in any column, performing Q x R, the rest of the 
columns at right of the column with the imaginary part become bad (values are 
still close, but wrong values with something else in their imaginary part).
     Please confirm and let me know if I'm doing something else wrong. I 
performed "dgeqr2_" successfully without any problem.

     Thank you very much. Ignacio Ley.

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