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[Lapack] Problem with 64 bit porting

Hi ,
Can you please look into following problem ?
We have a wrapper class over lapack and then linking with the following
1: Clapack.lib
2: blas.lib
3: libI77.lib
4: libF77.lib
5: mkl_c.lib
It was working fine in 32 bit application. Now we are porting our
application to 64 bit. Here, when we try to link with the above said
libs, we get linker errors. Can you please specify which libs to be used
for this purpose. If available, can you please specify the downloadable
        Ashish Ranjan Mishra 
Software Engg.(L4), SPLS

Geometric Limited
T +91.20.66749658    F +00.20.66749685    M +91.9970013078 <> 


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