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[Lapack] Lapack 3.1.1: inconsistent arguments and division by zero

Hi there,
I have some more issues for you:
At zcgesv line 199 the routine zlange is called with sixth actual argument 
(WORK) complex*16.
However in zlange the corrssponding dummy argument is double precision. 
This is against the Fortran 95 Standard.
There are three places where a division by zero may occur, depending on the 
slaneg.f line 108 because DPLUS may be zero. This is producing ssep.out, 
csep.out, and zsep.out.
dlaneg.f line 108  ditto. Producing dsep.out.
dlar1v.f line 199   ditto. Producing dsep.out.
Please advise
Vittorio Zecca
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