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[Lapack] extended precision LAPACK

Hi Dave,

You're looking for an LAPACK quad prec. ?

There have been some progress on this made by Jim Demmel's group but 
nothing has been released yet. Contact Jim directly, it might be able to 
tell you more. There are also working on an LAPACK with arbitrary 

If your user is just using a few of the LAPACK routines, it's pretty quick 
and safe if he converts the routines himself. Basically, changing DOUBLE 
PRECISION with REAL*16. I did it several times myself and that works fine. 
The tricky part in Jim Demmel's work is not only to convert the whole 
LAPACK package but also to make all the TESTING work. That's a completely 
different story.

Best wishes,

On Fri, 8 Feb 2008, David Cronk wrote:

We have a user that is interested in using an extended precision
version of  LAPACK to run a code.  The code uses REAL*16 and COMPLEX*32.

Is anyone aware if these is a version of LAPACK available which can take
advantage of extended precision REALs (i.e. REAL*16).

We are seeing mixed information in google, so I thought you folks might
be able to answe this question.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

Dave Cronk

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