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Unfortunately, at the moment, LAPACK requires a Fortran Complier/ 
Library because LAPACK is written in Fortran.
However it is possible to link LAPACK to a C/C++ project if you have  
the Fortran Libraries (i.e, that mean a Fortran compiler) and if you  
respect the Fortran Call from C rules.
For information, CLAPACK-3.1.1 for Windows should be released very  
shortly (sometime in March). This library will allow use to use the  
LAPACK routines without the need of a C Compiler.
Let me know if you have other questions or if you need some help
On Feb 14, 2008, at 10:03 AM, Sebastian Schuberth wrote:


I was taking a look at your LAPACK for Windows distribution, thanks
for providing it. However, I was looking for a pre-compiled LAPACK
that I could include into my existing C / C++ project. It seems the
only thing that's missing from you distribution to do so is a C / C++
header file that declares the functions in "LAPACK.lib". Is there any
chance you could add these to the MSI setup? Or do you know of any
existing header file that's compatible with the calling conventions
used in "LAPACK.lib"?

Thanks again.

Sebastian Schuberth
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