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[Lapack] Bug in CLAPACK make scheme?


        I was having a bunch of trouble compiling CLAPACK while it was
making files in the CLAPACK/TESTING/EIG and CLAPACK/TESTING/LIN directories
on a "make build" after carefully following the instructions at

        ...the reason my build was failing is that the Makefiles in the above
directories do not include the CFLAGS which I defined in my such, -lcblas could not be found, because my cblas libraries are
in my home directory and not in the usual place.

        You may, in future releases, want to add $(CFLAGS) to the Makefile
in those directories, as well as to the Makeblat1 2 and 3 files in

Adam D. I. Kramer
Ph.D. Candidate, Social Psychology
University of Oregon

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