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[Lapack] clapack version 3.0

Dear sirs,

I try to download clapack version 3.0 (old version) from, but it seems not to work. 

The size of the downloaded file is only 3981312 bytes, whereas 
it should be 6157628 bytes as far as I see from the website. 
When it is extracted, an error occurs saying "Unexpected EOF in 
archive...". After forcing to do, the generated files and directories 
seem not enough: no Makefile, Readme nor Releasenote. 

How I can get the correct tar-gziped file? 

Best regards,

Seiji Adachi
Gruppe Musikalische Akustik
Fraunhofer Institut fuer Bauphysik
Nobelstrasse 12,
70569 Stuttgart, Germany
tel: +49-(0)711-970-3437
fax: +49-(0)711-970-3433

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