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[Lapack] Multiple precision arithmetic BLAS and copyright issue

Dear LAPACK/BLAS team,

First of all, thanks for providing and maintaining very nice packages.
I'm really appreciated. I wrote this e-mail for asking copyright
issue of my software, Multiple precision arithmetic BLAS,
which I released today.

My name is Nakata, Maho who is a postdoctoral researcher at RIKEN 
I'm interested in making a multiple precision arithmetic version
of BLAS and LAPACK, mainly for solving difficult semi definite programming 
Recently our first multiple precision arithmetic version of SDP (SDPA-GMP)
has been released [1, 2].

In that software, I translated some routines which are needed coding SDPA
of BLAS and LAPACK by GMP (, using C++.

Then I wrote multiple precision version of BLAS based on BLAS.
Almost all routines are a dump translation of your BLAS code.

So - I'd like to ask you about copyright issue.
* Is it legally ok for you release my software in public in the present form 
* Do you think I should add you as copyright holder?
(then I should ask you about licensing issue)

[3] and

All the best,
-- Nakata Maho

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