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[Lapack] Multiple precision arithmetic BLAS and copyright issue

[message originally sent from Jim]

We are currently working on a multiple precision version of LAPACK,
and hope to release it within a year. You are welcome to take LAPACK
and modify it for your own purposes, under the guidelines of the
mBSD software license.

Jim Demmel

On Thu, 26 Jun 2008, Maho NAKATA wrote:

Dear LAPACK/BLAS team,

First of all, thanks for providing and maintaining very nice packages.
I'm really appreciated. I wrote this e-mail for asking copyright
issue of my software, Multiple precision arithmetic BLAS,
which I released today.

My name is Nakata, Maho who is a postdoctoral researcher at RIKEN 
I'm interested in making a multiple precision arithmetic version
of BLAS and LAPACK, mainly for solving difficult semi definite programming 
Recently our first multiple precision arithmetic version of SDP (SDPA-GMP)
has been released [1, 2].

In that software, I translated some routines which are needed coding SDPA
of BLAS and LAPACK by GMP (, using C++.

Then I wrote multiple precision version of BLAS based on BLAS.
Almost all routines are a dump translation of your BLAS code.

So - I'd like to ask you about copyright issue.
* Is it legally ok for you release my software in public in the present form 
* Do you think I should add you as copyright holder?
(then I should ask you about licensing issue)

[3] and

All the best,
-- Nakata Maho

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