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[Lapack] Please remove my email from your Forum

Hello David,

sorry about that, he following messages have been removed from the LAPACK 
#83  2006/05/05  David D Ling     [Lapack] LAPACK and BLAS licenses
#85  2006/05/08  Julie Langou     [Lapack] LAPACK and BLAS licenses


On Wed, 9 Jul 2008, David D Ling wrote:

I recently learned that an email I wrote to LAPACK in 2006 was posted on your 
public forum where it is searchable. I am writing to ask that you remove
my email (which has my address and phone numbers and web page URL in the 
signature) from your forum. It was a private communication and was not
intended to be posted publicly. I take my privacy very seriously. I have 
included the URL below. Please conform by return email that you have removed
it from your forum. Thank you.

David L.

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