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[Lapack] Problem installing lapack-3.1.1

You need a BLAS library to build the LAPACK testings.
Either you get an optimized BLAS library (MKL, ACML, GOTO, ATALS, and  
so on...) or either you build the reference BLAS included in the  
package (make blaslib)
Hope it helps
On Jul 15, 2008, at 10:26 AM, Stan Horwitz wrote:


I hope this is the proper contact address for asking questions
involving the installation of lapack-3.1.1. I am a fairly new Linux
systems manager at Temple University. I received a request to install
lapack-3.1.1 on our research system, which is a Sunfire 4600 with 64-
bit AMD processors running SuSE Linux 9. I ran into a problem with the
installation. When I do a "make" in the lapack-3.1.1 directory, it
runs for several minutes, then it appears to get to the testing phase
and it bombs out. How do I fix this problem? Note that I took all the
defaults for this installation by just copying the
file to because the professor who submitted this request did
not include any preferred installation parameters.

Here's what I am seeing:

g77  -funroll-all-loops -O3 -c slaord.f -o slaord.o
g77   aladhd.o alaerh.o alaesm.o alahd.o alareq.o alasum.o alasvm.o
chkxer.o icopy.o ilaenv.o xlaenv.o xerbla.o slaord.o schkaa.o schkeq.o
schkgb.o schkge.o schkgt.o schklq.o schkpb.o schkpo.o schkpp.o
schkpt.o schkq3.o schkql.o schkqp.o schkqr.o schkrq.o schksp.o
schksy.o schktb.o schktp.o schktr.o schktz.o sdrvgb.o sdrvge.o
sdrvgt.o sdrvls.o sdrvpb.o sdrvpo.o sdrvpp.o sdrvpt.o sdrvsp.o
sdrvsy.o serrge.o serrgt.o serrlq.o serrls.o serrpo.o serrql.o
serrqp.o serrqr.o serrrq.o serrsy.o serrtr.o serrtz.o serrvx.o
sgbt01.o sgbt02.o sgbt05.o sgelqs.o sgeqls.o sgeqrs.o sgerqs.o
sget01.o sget02.o sget03.o sget04.o sget06.o sget07.o sgtt01.o
sgtt02.o sgtt05.o slaptm.o slarhs.o slatb4.o slattb.o slattp.o
slattr.o slavsp.o slavsy.o slqt01.o slqt02.o slqt03.o spbt01.o
spbt02.o spbt05.o spot01.o spot02.o spot03.o spot05.o sppt01.o
sppt02.o sppt03.o sppt05.o sptt01.o sptt02.o sptt05.o sqlt01.o
sqlt02.o sqlt03.o sqpt01.o sqrt01.o sqrt02.o sqrt03.o sqrt11.o
sqrt12.o sqrt13.o sqrt14.o sqrt15.o sqrt16.o sqrt17.o srqt01.o
srqt02.o srqt03.o srzt01.o srzt02.o sspt01.o ssyt01.o stbt02.o
stbt03.o stbt05.o stbt06.o stpt01.o stpt02.o stpt03.o stpt05.o
stpt06.o strt01.o strt02.o strt03.o strt05.o strt06.o stzt01.o
stzt02.o \
        ../../tmglib_LINUX.a ../../lapack_LINUX.a ../../blas_LINUX.a
-o ../xlintsts
g77: ../../blas_LINUX.a: No such file or directory
make[2]: *** [../xlintsts] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/src/lapack-3.1.1/TESTING/LIN'
make[1]: *** [xlintsts] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/src/lapack-3.1.1/TESTING'
make: *** [lapack_testing] Error 2
euler src/lapack-3.1.1#

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Stan Horwitz
Temple University
Enterprise Systems Group

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