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[Lapack] multi-dimensional sparse matrix solutions


I am a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science candidate at Purdue University 
Calumet. Research arising from an independent study project in preparation for 
future graduate studies has led me to your name.

My advisor on my current project is Dr. John J. Coffey (coffey@Domain.Removed), 
Associate Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Computer Science, 
Mathematics, and Statistics. Dr. Coffey has defined a model which requires 
determining the solution to Ax=B in a rather large four-dimensional sparse 
matrix, on the order of q[1000,1000,1000,1000]. I am searching for a C/C++ 
based computational library to support my efforts in providing a solution. 
Whether completely necessary or not, I would also like to explore a solution 
which utilizes an application distributed across processors in separate 

My research indicates that you are or have been involved in the development of 
mathematical libraries that deal with similar subjects, specifically sparse 
matrices and distributed computing. I am frankly overwhelmed by the multitude 
of packages available and also their variety of focus.

Admittedly this correspondence is a form of a mass mailing based on a list I 
have developed in my search. I am, however,  approaching you specifically for 
any guidance, advice, or a recommendation regarding direction or a even a 
reference, which might improve my success in the identification of a library 
that could be applicable to solving the proposed problem.

I have set up a web site tracking the progress of my project at:

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have regarding my efforts.

Thank you.


William Obermeyer

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