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[Lapack] Question about packaging of lapack

And Sylvestre Ledru writes:
I am doing a mass cleanup of the lapack package for Debian. 

Yeah, I've noticed the churn...  Thanks!

* lapack.tgz is, I guess, the complete package. However, it
doesn't include the timing directory (which I can find in the
version 3.0). Is it normal ?

I believe the lapack-3.1.1.tar.gz copy of the reference BLAS now
is complete.  It had lacked a few routines that LAPACK itself
does not use.  The TIMING directory (I have no idea why Camm made
the patch such a pain by renaming everything, please don't follow
that tradition) was horribly out-of-date and misleading, so we
dropped it.

* lapack.tgz doesn't contain the version number. Will it be possible to
add it in the name ?

Cute.  It's not in the HTML index, but you can see it through
The top-level directory likely will stay LAPACK until larger
changes occur.

At some point in the future, LAPACK may be split into separate
archives similar to how everyone already packages it.  That's
waiting on manpower for handling a few upcoming, internal
dependencies (the XBLAS).

Jason, Debian GNU/Linux user for, oh, 11+ years...

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