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[Lapack] Question about packaging of lapack

Hi Jason and Sylvestre,

At some point in the future, LAPACK may be split into separate
archives similar to how everyone already packages it.
What do you mean by this ?
Under Debian, I have the feeling that it is the opposite (we have to do
a few "wget" to get a "full archive").

Jason, Debian GNU/Linux user for, oh, 11+ years...
Cool, that will be very helpful then !

Jason, then you are in the best position to help us with the package.
I took over it only because the package was unmaintained and it is a
dependency of almost anything I do, but I am not using lapack
directly. Sylvestre is now able to upload the package and so if you
could help him bring it in shape, it'd be just awesome.

BTW, do you know anyone who could help us with the atlas package? It
also needs fixing and a new upstream version should be packaged.


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