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[Lapack] LAPACK license?

And julie langou writes:
We only ask that proper credit be given to the authors.
Like all software, it is copyrighted. It is not trademarked, but we do
ask the following: If you modify the source for these routines we ask
that you change the name of the routine and comment the changes made
to the original.

None of these are part of the license or are required for copying
of LAPACK.  (Use is governed by other laws, but nothing in LAPACK
is patented by its authors.)

And not all software is under copyright in the US.  In
particular, some parts of the reference BLAS (currently included
in the LAPACK distribution) are old enough that they are in the
public domain (unless someone registered them with the US
Copyright Office in the late 70s or early 80s).  Other countries
have other laws, and some lack any version of "public domain".


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