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[Lapack] bug report for ./

Hello Fernando, (!!!!)
thanks a lot for the bug report. It is now corrected in our version. And 
we'll release it with the next release (SC08).
Bets wishes,

On Thu, 9 Oct 2008, Fernando Guevara Vasquez wrote:

Hi I encountered some problems building lapack-lite-3.1.1.

I traced the problem to line 35 of in the top directory
of the LAPACK distribution.

I uncommented that line because I use gfortran. Unfortunately the line
has a trailing space which breaks the rules for compiling
INSTALL/second_INT_ETIME.f and INSTALL/second_INT_ETIME.f (it introduces
a space before the period in the make rules and so prevents dscndtst
secondtst from being built correctly).

The fix is to remove the whitespace at the end of line 35.


Fernando Guevara Vasquez.
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