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[Lapack] Error handling and flag

I am using Lapack++ to solve the Ax=B problem
with a driver routine LaLinearSolve(), and A is a
function of several parameters:


and supposed to be a real, symmetric, positive
definite matrix.

However, with some parameters {p1,p2...,pn} A
becomes non-positive definite, and the routine is
terminated with some error message:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'LaException'
what(): LaCholLinearSolveIP(LaSpdMatDouble &A, &X,
&B)A is not symmetric-positive-definite.

I find a user guide on the website which says that
error conditions in performing the LaLinSolve()
operations can be retrieved via the LaLinSolveInfo()
function, but when I put it into my code and compile,
I got:
error: 'LaLinSolveInfo' was not declared in this scope

Is there any way to check if the matrix is positive
definite? The direct way is according to it's eigen
value, but it becomes time consuming when the
matrix is getting bigger.


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