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[Lapack] Errors when testing linear equations routines (inside dtest.out

I'm installing LAPACK-3.2 and using the BLAS package provided in the
download. I'm only installing double precision routines and have made
the necessary changes within Makefile to perform this.

my system details:
1) the machine is a Dell PowerEdge R900, with 96 GB RAM.
2) the OS is a 64-bit Linux RedHat Fedora Core 6, running on quad core
Intel Xeon CPUs. But I source it to run as 32-bit intel.
2) the compiler version is Portland Group Compilers: 7.0-3

FORTRAN = ifort
OPTS          = -u -O3
NOOPT      =
LOADER   = ifort
(everything else, I've kept the same)

Inside Makefile, I've placed the double command after make for blaslib,
lapacklib, tmglib, lapack_testing, and blas_testing.

What I run at the command prompt:
  > gmake blaslib
  > gmake blas_testing
This works great... all of the blas routines are passing the tests.
  > gmake lapacklib
  > gmake tmglib
Then I run the linear equations routines test separately from the
eigenvalue routines.
  > make double -f Makefile
  > cd ..
  > xlintstd < > dtest.out
This runs through to completion, but as you can see from the attached
dtest.out, there are many failed routines. I've tried playing with the
different flags for linux machines listed on the help website... I
removed '-u'... all scenarios thus for have given me the same output in
Any help and advice on clearing these problems is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your help! I look forward to using LAPACK!

- Justin Parrella
Harvard University
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Atmospheric Chemistry
Graduate Student
29 Oxford St.
Pierce Hall, room G3A
Cambridge, MA 02138

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