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[Lapack] manpages of version 3.2?

And Sylvestre Ledru writes:
I am almost ready to upload this version in Debian.

There is one important bug fix that aren't in a release yet.
There's a workspace query bug somewhat deep in one of the
eigensolvers that would be difficult to isolate if it hit R
or Octave:
Being a Debian user, I don't want to hit it.  ;)

The 3.2.x branch of the gitorious mirror at
is now up-to-date...  It's only missing the last man page
reformatting from the master.

It's a mirror via git-svn, so sometimes strange things happen
and the merge tracking is crappy.  I'll try to keep it
somewhat close to the svn repo.

BTW, anyone packaging the XBLAS?


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