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[Lapack] Xblas [Was: manpages of version 3.2?]

Le samedi 10 janvier 2009 ? 12:34 -0500, Jason Riedy a ?crit :
And Sylvestre Ledru writes:
OK, so, you think that I should add this patch into the Debian

Up to you, but workspace bugs tend to bite in funny ways.  There
are a few problems that pop up with -fbounds-check and
0-dimension arrays, but those are less likely to bother users.
OK, I am going to apply this patch then.

BTW, anyone packaging the XBLAS?
I started to package it but since it is not producing any shared
library, I have to patch the build process.

We cannot support all the possible shared library forms and their
restrictions, so we don't.  (libtool doesn't handle AIX's XCOFF
issues well enough, and that's a major target.)
Too bad ;) 
BTW, are you considering automake ?

However, you likely need fewer modifications than you expect.
Extract the xblas into two build directories.  Build one with
-fPIC, and then use something like following to install:
  ld -shared -soname /usr/lib/ \
     -o ${DESTDIR}/usr/lib/ -rpath-link /usr/lib \
     --whole-archive libxblas.a --no-whole-archive -lgfortran -lc -lm
I worked on this on my side and I have pretty much the same thing.

By the way, I haven't seen anything in the license of this code. It
cannot be included in Debian without a proper license. Is it the same as
lapack ?


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