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[Lapack] error in LAPACK User's Guide v3

Thanks for pointing this out. You are correct. The HTML version of the LUG 
has a typo. So as the published LUG (edition SIAM), I have in front of me.

The problem was already corrected in 2005 by Sven in the LUG svn 
repository, indeed. Unfortunately, the webpage did not get updated. We 
need to correct this. Thanks for the pointer.

Best wishes,

On Sat, 21 Feb 2009, Christopher Crawford wrote:


First I want to that you all for the excellent job of documentation
of Lapack, as well as the excellent quality of the software itself.
I was able to get up and running from ground zero in only a day or
so, never having used LAPACK.

There is a typo in the section "Generalized Symmetric Definite
Eigenproblems (GSEP)",

Z-1 A Z-T = I (problem type 2)

The 'I' should be replaced with  \Lambda


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