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[Lapack] Bug in dtgsy2


I would like to draw your attention to a bug in another file, dtgsy2.f
(version 3.2, January 2007).  The corrected version is attached.
The error is that "IWORK" must appear in the line 640.  (It was included
in the 1999 version.)  The difference between the correct version and
the posted one (November 18, 2008) is shown below.  Note that the statement
IE = ( I+1 ) - 1 is strange;  also, in other similar place, IWORK is used
like below.

$ diff dtgsy2.f lapack-3/lapack-3.2/src
<             IE = IWORK( I+1 ) - 1
            IE = ( I+1 ) - 1

I am attaching an archive containing the modified file dtgsy2.f, an
example program, data, and results.  The file DTGSY2_b.res contains
the bad results obtained using the data in DTGSY2.dat with the posted
version of dtgsy2.f, while DTGSY2_g.res contains the good results
obtained with the corrected, attached file dtgsy2.f.

Sincerely yours,
Vasile Sima

Dr. Vasile Sima,  SMIEEE
National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics
Bd. Maresal Al. Averescu, Nr. 8-10
011455, Bucharest 1,  Romania
Phone:   (+40)-21-316.07.65  (in Romania: 021-316.07.65)
Fax:     (+40)-21-316.10.30  (in Romania: 021-316.10.30)
E-mail:  vsima@Domain.Removed
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