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[Lapack] Headers for BLAS/LAPACK?

Hello. I started building octave-3.0.3 and found that BLAS and LAPACK
were wanted, so I found LAPACK-3.2 and tried building them. I ended up
with three library files (blas_LINUX.a, etc) and copied them to
/usr/lib, where they were promptly overlooked. Shouldn't there be some
header files and maybe entries in the pkg-config folder to declare the
libraries and their functions? Also, computed goto's are in the BLAS
files and GCC is declaring that construct to be obsolete. I've heard of
them from back when I wrote a few programs in Waterloo Fortran.

I'm running Mandriva 2006 Powerpack Linux with some file upgrades
including GCC 4.2.4 on a 256Mb 900Mhz system. It's an old clunker now,
but it's paid for and I'm broke.

John T
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