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[Lapack] Problems about BLAS

Dear Sir,
         I am a student now using the lapack for my study, something about
performance  analyzing of Lapack on SMP.  But it made me confused when I
tested the BLAS library.

        The BLAS contained in the tar ball (from netlib) seemed to be
single-threaded. I tested them on both Intel Xeon and Intel Pentium, but
found no significant difference in timing.

        I know there are some  tuned BLAS libraries like MKL or ACML, but
they are not open source products while I need the source code to do my
study.  I also read some worknotes about the ScaLapack, but it says
Scalapack is for distributed memory system,  and I'm not going to deal with
the cluster or MPP issues currently.

        Now I have no idea  where I can find opensource BLAS, which is
implemented to run parallelly on SMP structure, could you please give me
some information?

        many thanks


 From China
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