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[Lapack] undefined reference to 'derrgex_'

And ??? writes:
# make lapack_testing
../../tmglib_LINUX.a ../../lapack_LINUX.a ../../blas_LIUNX.a -o xlintstd
&& mv xlintstd
dchkge.o(.data_OxO): In function 'dchkge_':
/usr/local/src/lapack/lapack-3.2/TESTING/LIN/dchkge.f:1: undefined reference
to 'derrgex_'

Did you change the setting of USEXBLAS in your at some point?
The file TESTING/LIN/derrgex.f should be referenced only if USEXBLAS is
defined.  It provides an alternate DERRGE that knows about the
extended-precision routines.

Note that currently USEXBLAS=No or any other negative value still
defines USEXBLAS and forces the dependency.  I'll clear that up next


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