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[Lapack] Few defects in LAPACK 3.2

Hello Alexander,
Thanks for your bug report. I have corrected the files in our svn 
repository. I will send you four emails with the related patches. Any 
comments welcome.
Best wishes,

On Mon, 6 Apr 2009, Kobotov, Alexander V wrote:



I noticed several defects in LAPACK 3.2. I hope that information will be 
useful in further:


(c/z)geesx: no lwork=-1 branch at all, info = -15 is returned while doing 

c(he/sy)equb: no slamch in external lists and lsame, intrinsics not described

(d/s)tgsen.f: iwork(1) always referenced: line 455: iwork( 1 ) = LIWMIN, 
documentation says that if IJOB=0 it shouldn't, so NULL pointer causes a







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