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[Lapack] CBLAS version

There is no version number in place for the C interface to the BLAS (aka CBLAS 
in your previous email).
I suggest that you used the date of the latest modification: 20030223.
(Here you go, that's official, we now have a version number for the CBLAS!)
Best wishes, 
Julien Langou.

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Subject: [Lapack] CBLAS version

Dear Sirs,

I'm building BLAS, LAPACK and CBLAS packages for Slackware Linux 12.2.
The BLAS and LAPACK versions are clearly indicated on LAPACK's
homepage (current version is 3.2.1), however, the CBLAS source code
available at does not
appear to have a version number written anywhere.
In order to make my CBLAS package build script available on, I need to indicate the correct version for it.


Eug?ne Suter
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