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[Lapack] serious bug of clapack?

The output computed eigenvector are the one of transpose(A) not the one of 
A. I assume that you are inputting the matrix in row major format. LAPACK 
uses column major format data layout.

On Sat, 16 May 2009, shaolongchou wrote:

???? I am a clapack user from China, and i am using Clapack recently to solve 
the problem of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a square matrix, with?
the function? of? cgeev_(). However, some results disappoints me, for the 
eigenvectors i get with the function dont' satisfy the formula Ax = bx
Jesus! Could you please check it out? Could it be a bug of the clapck?
???? By the way, my input matrix is? [1 2 4;
????????????????????????????????????? 0 2 0;
????????????????????????????????????? 2 -1 3].
???? where the result is show as in the attachment.

???? Looking forward to your reply.? :)
???? Thanks a lot !


????? ?????????

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