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[Lapack] Diagonally dominant linear solvers

Here is a pointer on some recent experiments from Jack, Marc and Stan on 
nonpivoted LU on GPU.
See: Stanimire Tomov, Jack Dongarra, and Marc Baboulin. "Towards Dense 
Linear Algebra for Hybrid GPU Accelerated Manycore Systems." LAWN 210.
See Figure 8.

(That does not answer for Jason though :)).


On Tue, 19 May 2009, Chuvelev, Michael wrote:

did you consider an introduction of diagonally dominant functionality in 
LAPACK? That is, A=L*U (general) and A=L*D*L' (symmetric) with no
I observe a growing interest to tridiagonal solver with no pivoting, in 
particular. In case of this solver the speed-up is dramatic - up to times
- when using no pivoting. ScaLAPACK has already have it in for some reason - 
I mean p*dttrf/p*dttrs. I think it's worth while having it in LAPACK
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