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[Lapack] Outdated lapack.lib


I am a college student and have been tasked with migrating a
C++/fortran multi-language project from Visual C++ 6 to Visual Studio

The Lapack.lib library file we were using contains the following function:

This was an old library (circa 1998) and I have been unable to find
this function in any of the recent source codes on the

Some background info:

I've been having problems due to some fortran libraries:


The computer that originally was used had the following installed on it:
1. Visual C++ 6
2. Compaq Visual Fortran 6
3. MS Fortran PowerStation 4.0

Apparently, the .lib files were compiled using PowerStation, because
they are dependent on symbols found a few of the PowerStation

Problem is, I cannot include these libraries in the build because they
conflict with some of the built-in Visual Studio 2008 libraries and
cause conflicts.  Even forcing a build does not work as the .exe file
generated will not open.

So I have decided to try to either:

1. update the fortran libraries
2. generate new libraries via source code (found on the internet)


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