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[Lapack] Outdated lapack.lib

This is a follow up email to one sent earlier.

Background information:
We have an 10-year old program that utilizes Visual C++ as well as Fortran.

We are trying to migrate this from this environment:
1. Visual C++ 6
2. Compaq Visual Fortran 6
3. MS Fortran PowerStation 4.0

To this environment:
1. Visual Studio 2008
2. Intel Visual Fortran 11

Unfortunately, there is ONE Fortran function in a LAPACK library that
was compiled using the older environment (PowerStation 4.0).

And I cannot find this function DPOSVM in any of the updated LAPACK
source code.  (although DPOSV exists)

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.


        0. Problem: There exists a function DPOSVM that does not exist in the
newer LAPACK versions.
                    There is, however a function called DPOSV that does exist.
                    Newest LAPACK Source code has been compiled and DPOSV is 
able to
be called from the
                        latest LAPACK library (using this newest source code)

        1. Function call for dposvm (ADSAP.C)

        2. Function call for dposv (ADSAP.C)

        3. The following comments were made within the code in the file ADSAP.C:

                /* Solve system. Cholesky decomposition. LAPACK routine */
                /* if error, H is not positive definite or bad input */
                /* Solution is Newton step, returned in E */
                We call function dposvm instead of dposv, because we can not 
                uplo character fro "c" file " to "fortran" file.*/


        4. Apparently, DPOSVM was used instead of DPOSV due to
incompatibility with C and Fortran.

        5. COmmenting out DPOSVM and taking the commenting markers off of
DPOSV results in a workable
           executable. I.E., re-establish DPOSV as the primary function

        6. The effects on the executable, however, are UNKNOWN.  Further
testing is required.

        7. Questions:
                a. Why was DPOSVM used?
                b. Was it part of the original LAPACK.lib (this is assumed but 
to be verified)?
                c. What is uplo character?
                d. Perhaps with Visual Studio 2008 and Intel Fortran Visual 
the shortcomings
                   of DPOSV have been resolved and DPOSVM is no longer needed?
        8. Possible Solutions:
                a. Use DPOSV instead of DPOSVM (if no adverse effects on 
                b. Find updated DPOSVM source code

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 12:46 PM, Kevin Leong<kgleong@Domain.Removed> wrote:

I am a college student and have been tasked with migrating a
C++/fortran multi-language project from Visual C++ 6 to Visual Studio

The Lapack.lib library file we were using contains the following function:

This was an old library (circa 1998) and I have been unable to find
this function in any of the recent source codes on the

Some background info:

I've been having problems due to some fortran libraries:


The computer that originally was used had the following installed on it:
1. Visual C++ 6
2. Compaq Visual Fortran 6
3. MS Fortran PowerStation 4.0

Apparently, the .lib files were compiled using PowerStation, because
they are dependent on symbols found a few of the PowerStation

Problem is, I cannot include these libraries in the build because they
conflict with some of the built-in Visual Studio 2008 libraries and
cause conflicts. ?Even forcing a build does not work as the .exe file
generated will not open.

So I have decided to try to either:

1. update the fortran libraries
2. generate new libraries via source code (found on the internet)


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