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[Lapack] Fwd: make cblaswrap


The quick answer is that we don't provide cblaswrap in clapack anymore. 
There is a -DNO_BLAS_WRAP in that you might play with a little 
bit to see if this could help to make it work. I'm looking into ATLAS to 
see if it is possible and necessary to bring the support of cblaswrap 
back. Will keep you updated.


julie langou wrote:
I guess, this one is for you.

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I'm trying to install clapack 3.2.1 with atlas.  When I do a "make 
cblaswrap", following the instructions in the readme.install file, I 
get an error:
make: *** No rule to make target `cblaswrap'.  Stop.

I looked into the Makefile and it seems that there is no code with 
the label cblaswrap.  Did I get the wrong Makefile?


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