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We have the full package available for download at
You do not need all the routines from the package, but some of them.
All you need is a BLAS library. We ship LAPACK with Reference BLAS  
that is not an optimized BLAS.
You can pick the optimized BLAS you want (MKL, GOTO, ATLAS, etc...)
Hope it helps

On Jul 8, 2009, at 4:38 PM, Erie Morales wrote:

Dear LAPACK manager

Hi.  I am grad student trying to use two of your subroutines called;  
DGETRF and DGETRI.  The purpose is to perform forth order polynomial  
fit to experimental data.
My concern is the following I downloaded the subroutines but I  
noticed inside these subroutine there are calls to more than 10 or  
20 other functions.  My question is that I don't wish to start  
downloading every single function needed because these functions  
also call some other functions and I end up lost in space  
downloading 30 or more functions, is there a library that contains  
all the functions used by DGETRF and DGETRI, and if so how to  
downloaded it?

Thanks for your help,


Erie Morales
Physics Department
Tulane University
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Julie Langou; Research Associate in Computer Science
Innovative Computing Laboratory;
University of Tennessee from Denver, Colorado ;-)

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