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[Lapack] Lapack on Windows <-> Name mangling


the name mangling you mention is applicable to Unix and Linux systems.
Mangling on Windows is a bit different. Both, g77 and gfortran
in their Windows ports adhere to the Unix standard. Unfortunately,
this makes them incompatible with commercial tools from Intel
and PGI.



julie langou wrote, On 07/23/2009 11:20 AM:
For Windows, we are providing integration with Visual Studio, nmake with 
Fortran or PGI compilers. There is no precompiled libs with g77.
We did not look into g77 with MinGW, but I guess if you take the native 
Linux package that should work without too much problems if you stay 
with Fortran all the way with LAPACK. (I know there is no problem with 
I guess you have a code in C, no? Usually this is when the mangling 
problems happen.
Maybe what you can do is use the CLAPACK package and go with C all the 
way. (
Also if you are stuck, you can try to post on the LAPACK forum, you may 
find a user in the same situation. (
Hope it helps

On Jul 23, 2009, at 6:24 AM, Wilm Schumacher wrote:

Dear Lapack-Team,

ich have a suggestion and a question regarding "LAPACK for Windows". I 
have a
really hard time to link the precompiled libs. I think it's a name 
problem. I use WindowsXP and g77.exe from MinGW. It is not possible to 
BLAS.lib because there is the "undefinded reference to <every possible
subroutine>". I'm very new to the topic of name mangling but I think 
that's the
problem. As I did a "nm" on the libraries I saw that the subroutines are
decorated UPPER case and with a LEADING underscore and no underscore 
at the
end. This was very ... confusing to me because I read in the wikipedia:

"The GNU g77 compiler converts identifiers to lower case plus an 
("foo_"), except that identifiers already containing an underscore 
has two underscores appended ("foo_bar__"), following a convention 
by f2c. Many other compilers, including SGI's IRIX compilers, 
gfortran, and
Intel's Fortran compiler, convert all identifiers to lower case plus an
underscore ("foo_" and "foo_bar_")"

but found in the output of nm:

00000000 i .drectve
00000000 t .text
00000001 a @feat.00
00000000 T _DAXPY
        U __fltused

as an example. As I can see, your name mangling is in another way. Did 
you use
the PGI compiler? Did you change the name mangling? If so: Why and how?

It would by nice and necessary that you explain your name mangling for 

Furthermore it would be very nice if you explain how to use your build 
different compilers/linkers.

Greetings and Thanks for the good work

Wilm Schumacher

ps: If you did the suggested work and I just didn't find it I'm sorry 
and would
be very happy about a link.

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University of Tennessee from Denver, Colorado ;-)


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