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[Lapack] Bug in lapack-3.2.1/TESTING/EIG/zdrvgbx.f


please pay attention to the printing format 9998 misuse in zdrvgbx.f:

                              WRITE( NOUT, FMT = 9998 )'ZGBSVXX', FACT,
     $                             TRANS, N, KL, KU, IMAT, 7,
     $                             RESULT( 7 )

 9998 FORMAT( ' *** In ZDRVGB, LAFB=', I5, ' is too small for N=', I5,
     $      ', KU=', I5, ', KL=', I5, /
     $      ' ==> Increase LAFB to at least ', I5 )

This would possibly lead to a segmentation fault in case of errors in zgbsvxx.

The same issue concerns other precisions too.

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