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Our organization is requesting the above software.  Before we can bring it
in we need to perform a functional review to insure that we can abide by
the usage rights/restrictions.  Before I can even begin the process, I
would need clarification on a couple of points and sincerely hope someone
there can help me.

1) Are all of these separate software modules?
2) If they are separate, are they covered by the BSD type License?
3) Are any of these modules embedded in any of the others?
4)  Are any of these interdependent on any or all of the others?

If these are all separate modules and covered by separate Licenses, could
you please either send me a copy of the appropriate Licenses or tell me
where I can locate them?  I have been on many websites and have not been
able to get any of these answers.  Thank you in advance.


Margie Adams
Contract Analyst, Contract Administration
Exxon Mobil Global Services Company
Global Strategic Services ? Software Services
Phone: 281-654-5152????????? eFax: 282-314-0553
Office: Corp-RR-135??????????? Internet email: margie.adams@Domain.Removed

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