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[Lapack] ScaLapack, LaPack, Blas, Blacs

Dear Margie,

1) Are all of these separate software modules?
4) Are any of these interdependent on any or all of the others?

Separate but interdependent.

There is a hierarchical organization:
* scalapack depends on blas, blacs and lapack,
* lapack depends on blas,
* blacs and blas are selfcontained.

* blacs relies on a communication library (MPI or PVM)
* netlib provides reference libraries, you can find some optimized 
libraries from the vendors, this is true for BLAS for example

2) If they are separate, are they covered by the BSD type License?

Modified BSD. There is a COPYING file:
Same copyright and licence for ScaLAPACK, BLACS and reference BLAS.
More information:

3) Are any of these modules embedded in any of the others?

Sometimes yes but they should not. We provide reference BLAS with LAPACK 
for user convenience. We provided LAPACK in ScaLAPACK at some point but 
this has been removed recently.

best wishes

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