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[Lapack] linking problems


My Lapack installation does not contain the complete Visual Studio Solution:
when I open the 'lapack-3.1.1' solution Visual Studio emits a stream of
messages of the form "The application for project '....\reference
blas.vfproj' is not installed. This means that I don't have examples of
calling routines from the blas and lapack libraries. I've tried variously to
declare the routines e.g.

#define F77_CALL(x)  x ## _
#define F77_NAME(x)  F77_CALL(x)

#ifdef  __cplusplus
extern "C" {

/* Level 1 BLAS */

extern double F77_NAME(dasum)(const int *n, const double *dx, const int
#ifdef  __cplusplus


but always get the linking error 'unresolved external symbl _dasum_
referenced in ...'

Could you please advise?


Frans Wiid
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