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[Lapack] Installing Clapack

Dear sir or madame,

my name is Jesko Krueger and I am working on my PHD on the field of optimal 
Herefore I want to use CLAPACK 3.2.1 on a embedded system called dspace Autobox.

 Since some deviations occurred between Lapack in Matlab/Simulink on a windows 
machine and
on my target system, I was trying to install the six machine dependent routines.

The problem I encountered was, that most (all) of the sources in the INSTALL 
and TESTING folder need certain header files like fio.h which do not come with 
this distribution.
I only found those in older distribution which have I different file/folder 
structure regarding F2CLIBS.

I could not find a proper manual telling me how to run the installing routines 
like dlamch.c

Can you tell me how to run those?

Thank you in advance!

Jesko Kr?ger

BMW Group
Jesko Frederik Krueger
Doktorand Optimized Chassis Management
Hanauerstra?e 46
80992 M?nchen
Tel: +49 89 382-28752
Fax: +49 89 382-66428

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