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[Lapack] Building Lapack with g95

Dear LAPACK team,

I am following the steps you have described here:

(the section "Easy Windows build") for compiling LAPACK library under 
Windows. I have successfully completed steps 1-3 using the MinGw 
compiler g95, but I don't know how to do steps 4-7 as I am not using 
Visual Studio. In particular, what commands do I have to use in order to 
"build" using g95?

Also, the folders that I have in my "build" folder are:

BLAS, CMAkeFiles, INSTALL, SRC and Testing, and some other files. Does 
this sound like I have done everything correctly? (After I completed 
steps 1-3, configure and then generate, in the Cmake program, all fields 
were white.)

Many thanks,

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