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[Lapack] Problem with LAPACK 3.2.1(dqds) and Sun Compiler on x86 platfor


I just tried to install LAPACK 3.2.1 for Sun Studio 12 (Update 1) on my
system  (Intel Core2 Quad, Q9650).
Compilation works, but the tester
   xeigtsts <
hangs for both single and double precision. Debugging indicates that the
code hangs somewhere
between xLASQ3 and xLASQ5.

The reference BLAS and LAPACK where both compiled with the relative
parts of set to
  FORTRAN  = f95
  OPTS = -dalign -O2 -ftrap=%none
  NOOPT = -dalign -ftrap=%none

The compiled reference BLAS did pass its own tests.
The problem remains when compiling without -dalign and/or with -O1
instead of -O2 and/or using the Sun
Performance library (-xlic_lib=sunperf) instead of the reference BLAS.

However, the problem goes away when optimizations are switched off
completely (that is, removing -O2 from OPTS above).

Has anyone encountered that problem yet, or used LAPACK3.2.1
successfully with SunStudio12 on an x86?

Best regards,
Paul Willems.

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