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[Lapack] Building Lapack with g95

Those libraries were built using VS studio, not I am not sure you will be able 
to link with those.
Cygwin may be the way to go under Windows if you do not have Visual Studio.
On Feb 24, 2010, at 3:47 AM, Zhivko Stoyanov wrote:

Dear LAPACK team,

I am following the steps you have described here:

(the section "Easy Windows build") for compiling LAPACK library under 
Windows. I have successfully completed steps 1-3 using the MinGw 
compiler g95, but I don't know how to do steps 4-7 as I am not using 
Visual Studio. In particular, what commands do I have to use in order to 
"build" using g95?

Also, the folders that I have in my "build" folder are:

BLAS, CMAkeFiles, INSTALL, SRC and Testing, and some other files. Does 
this sound like I have done everything correctly? (After I completed 
steps 1-3, configure and then generate, in the Cmake program, all fields 
were white.)

Many thanks,
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University of Tennessee from Denver, Colorado ;-)

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