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[Lapack] Issues compiling clapack

Dear Sir,

Thanks for creating this package.

I downloaded the 3.2.1 package (from and 
created the directories on my Linux computer, and then tried to follow the 
README.install instructions. 

That document suggests that there would be a file for each platform, 
i.e.: "CLAPACK/INSTALL/? -? Testing functions and pre-tested files for 
various platforms."? However, I did not find them there. All I found was the 
one "" file in the main directory.

However, I tried to proceed using this file.

Later in the install procedures, it says that if we are using an alternative 
version of blas (e.g. ATLAS), which I am, then we should make the wrapper 
library, libcblaswr.a, by running "make cblaswrap".? however this did not work, 
and when I looked in the makefile there was no cblaswrap target.? At this point 
I don't know how to proceed.? Note, I also looked into the 
(that I had renamed

Do the files for Linux exist online where I can access them, and do 
you have any suggestions regarding creating libcblaswr.a ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Cheers, David

David Todd
Center for Imaging Neurodegenerative Diseases
Veterans Health Services
San Francisco, CA
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