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[Lapack] Issues compiling clapack

Dear David,

Dear Sir,

Thanks for creating this package.

I downloaded the 3.2.1 package (from and 
created the directories on my Linux computer, and then tried to follow the 
README.install instructions. 

That document suggests that there would be a file for each platform, 
i.e.: "CLAPACK/INSTALL/  -  Testing functions and pre-tested files 
for various platforms."  However, I did not find them there. All I found was 
the one "" file in the main directory.
indeed, we did a spring cleanup on those files...They were creating more 
confusion than really helping the users.
The is actually the one for linux and to copy it to 
is what you have to do.
I am going to update the README. Thank you for pointing that out.

However, I tried to proceed using this file.

Later in the install procedures, it says that if we are using an alternative 
version of blas (e.g. ATLAS), which I am, then we should make the wrapper 
library, libcblaswr.a, by running "make cblaswrap".  however this did not 
work, and when I looked in the makefile there was no cblaswrap target.  At 
this point I don't know how to proceed.  Note, I also looked into the (that I had renamed
Yes again, this has changed (actually on this one, I am not sure why...)
So just a make would do.

Do the files for Linux exist online where I can access them, and do 
you have any suggestions regarding creating libcblaswr.a ?
Just discard, you seems all good to go.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Cheers, David

David Todd
Center for Imaging Neurodegenerative Diseases
Veterans Health Services
San Francisco, CA

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