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[Lapack] [lapackers] bug in DGEHRD

The balancing is choosing to scale some rows/columns by factors like 1e18,
which rather amplifies tiny rounding errors in the (presumably correctly)
computed eigenvectors of the balanced matrix, when balancing is undone 
at the end.
The expert driver interface dgeevx would let the user disable balancing, 
we figure out whether this is a bug or a feature, I'm not sure which.


Julien Langou wrote:

We have a bug report at:
It comes from Numpy guys.

The matrix is very pretty to look at with a lots of zero and a lots of 
structure but DGEHRD does not seem to like, not one little bit. See post.

Note that while
does not work,
   V = Q*V;
works ...


Best wishes,

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