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[Lapack] IWORK size autodetection in DGELSD

Dear LAPACK Team,

I am writing a Common Lisp wrapper for LAPACK.  It appears that for
all the xGELSD routines _but_ DGELSD, the first element of the IWORK
array can be used for autodetecting the workspace size, eg in ZGELSD

129: *  IWORK   (workspace) INTEGER array, dimension (MAX(1,LIWORK))
130: *          LIWORK >= max(1, 3*MINMN*NLVL + 11*MINMN),
131: *          where MINMN = MIN( M,N ).
132: *          On exit, if INFO = 0, IWORK(1) returns the minimum LIWORK.

But for DGELSD, it only says that:

116: *  IWORK   (workspace) INTEGER array, dimension (MAX(1,LIWORK))
117: *          LIWORK >= 3 * MINMN * NLVL + 11 * MINMN,
118: *          where MINMN = MIN( M,N ).

with no reference to IWORK(1).  And it appears that IWORK(1) is
sometimes 0 after the call.  I am wondering if this discrepancy is
intentional, and if not, whether it could be fixed.  Please let me
know if I misunderstood something.


Tamas Papp


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