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[Lapack] How to download BLAS

Dear Madam/Sir,

I was trying to compiling some codes under linux. After I typed "./configure", 
it says, "error: GSL CBLAS library not found". My collaborator suggested that I 
should install BLAS and CBLAS (although these are usually present by default in 
many Linux/Unix systems) and I can get them from:

But from I did not find BLAS and CBLAS 
to download. Insteal, what I can find is ATLAS --- atlas3.9.25. I followed the 
installation instructions :
Make build              works well
Make check              works well
Make time               works well
Make install    can not work:

bash-3.2$ make install
mkdir -p /home/whaley/lib/atlas/include
mkdir: cannot create directory `/home/whaley': Permission denied
make: *** [/home/whaley/lib/atlas/include] Error 1

I have two questions here:
1. Is the atlas3.9.25 right one for me to install BLAS and CBLAS library?
2. If not, where should I download BLAS and CBLAS on

Thank you.

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