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[Lapack] Trying to compile lapack with pgf77 7.07

I am trying to compile lapack with pgf77 7.07 to be consistent with the
other software on our computer cluster.

I changed the files in the top directory and in INSTALL  to

FORTRAN  = pgf77
OPTS     = -v -fast -Minform=inform
NOOPT    =
LOADER   = pgf77
LOADOPTS = -v -fast -Minform=inform

I have tried


changing LEN_TRIM in the subroutines to LNBLNK appropriately.  I get
failures in the same areas with both possibilities.

make blaslib  or make ends with similar errors:

/usr/bin/as /tmp/pgf77b5CfdRZtw5dS.s -o lsame.o
Unlinking /tmp/
Unlinking /tmp/pgf77b5CfdRZtw5dS.s
pgf77 -v -fast -Minform=inform -c xerbla.f -o xerbla.o

/share/apps/pgi/linux86-64/7.0-7/bin/pgftn xerbla.f -opt 2 -inform inform -x
119 0xa10000 -x 122 0x40 -x 123 0x1000 -x 127 4 -x 127 16 -x 19 0x400000 -x
28 0x40000 -x 70 0x8000 -x 122 1 -quad -vect 56 -y 34 16 -x 34 0x8 -x 32
1048576 -y 19 8 -y 35 0 -x 42 0x30 -x 39 0x40 -x 39 0x80 -x 34 0x400000 -x
149 1 -x 150 1 -x 59 4 -x 59 4 -tp k8-64e -x 51 0x20 -x 124 0x1401 -astype 0
-x 121 1 -stdinc
-def unix -def __unix -def __unix__ -def linux -def __linux -def __linux__
-def __NO_MATH_INLINES -def __x86_64__ -def
__LONG_MAX__=9223372036854775807L -def '__SIZE_TYPE__=unsigned long int'
-def '__PTRDIFF_TYPE__=long int' -def __THROW= -def __extension__= -def
__amd64__ -def __SSE__ -def __MMX__ -def __SSE2__ -def __SSE3__ -cmdline
'+pgf77 xerbla.f -v -fast -Mvect=sse -Mscalarsse -Mcache_align -Mflushz
-Minform=inform -c -o xerbla.o' -x 124 1 -x 9 1 -x 42 0x14200000 -x 72 0x1
-x 136 0x11 -x 80 0x800000 -quad -x 119 0x10000000 -x 129 0x40000000 -x 129
2 -asm /tmp/
PGFTN-S-0126-Name len_trim is not an intrinsic function (xerbla.f: 35)
  0 inform,   0 warnings,   1 severes, 0 fatal for xerbla
PGFTN/x86-64 Linux 7.0-7: compilation completed with severe errors
pgf77-Fatal-fcomp completed with exit code 1

Unlinking /tmp/
make[1]: *** [xerbla.o] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/share/apps/lapack-3.2.1/BLAS/SRC'
make: *** [blaslib] Error 2
[root at micah lapack-3.2.1]# ls

How do I get lapack to compile?  What should I change in my setup?

Thanks for your help.

The cluster is running ROCKS 4.3 and RedHat 2.6.9-55.0.2.ELsmp
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