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[Lapack] A special problem appearing when LAPACK is been installing

     I have downloaded sdpa.7.3.1.src.(date).tar.gz from your homepage. I tried 
to install SDPA in my computer whose model is Inspiron 530s, according to its 
document file named INSTALL. 
     When it run to "(2-1) SDPA linked against ATLAS library", the 
implementation of "./configure --prefix=/home/bai/src/sdpa 
--with-atlas="-L/home/bai/src/sdpa/lib -lptf77blas -lptcblas -latlas 
-lgfortran" --with-lapack="-L/home/bai/src/sdpa/lib -llapack -lgfortran"  was 
some failure information as follows:

Please install one of your favorate LAPACK
configure: error: No LAPACK found
By the way, my OS is Ubuntu 10.04 LTS  and I am sure that liblapack.a exists in 
two directories: /home/bai/src/sdpa/lib and /usr/lib. I have installed a lot of 
software packages by OS's tool named Synaptic Package Manager,  such 
asalien,libatlas-cpp-0.6-dev,liblapack-dev,and so on. At the same time, it is 
important that we pay attention to the fact that there is not any error in 
previous steps.
     I have spent two days on this issue. I really need your help. Thank you 
very much for any help.
     Best wishes.
            Yours sincerely


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