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on what kind of machine are you?
On Jun 28, 2010, at 9:48 AM, Devin Miller wrote:


I have been attempting to build CLAPACK on my machine as I have been  
tasked to compile an old image processing program with clapack  
dependencies.  However, I'm noticing that some files/directories  
mentioned in the FAQ and installation instructions do not exist within  
the directory hierarchy.  Most specifically, the INSTALL directory  
does not contain any pre-made samples.  I have used the  
sample provided in the root directory, so this doesn't seem to be a  
large issue, but I am also noticing several references to F2CLIBS/ 
libI77/ which does not seem to exist at all, nor does F2CLIBS/ 
libF77.a, the file my compiler expects to exist when I attempt to make  
my own program.  I've gone through the steps to build CLAPACK on the  
machine but I must admit I'm doing this mostly in the dark; I don't  
know anything about LAPACK or BLAS and am simply blindly following the  
installation instructions.  Have the files/directories distributed in  
the CLAPACK tar changed since the install instructions/FAQ have been  
written or am I doing something wrong?

Devin Miller
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